Sunday, January 11, 2015

Campus Martius Park

One Saturday night Rich and I decided to go to downtown Detroit, specifically to Campus Martius Park. We had heard it was pretty and actually had never been there during Christmas time.

We passed the RenCen on the way. You can't read the sign but GM headquarters is there. It was lit pretty although it's hard to tell through that dirty windshield!

We decided to just walk around. It was cold but not too freezing!

The tree was very pretty!

There is also a ice rink which was kind of crowded!

And a fire stick performer guy!

And horse drawn carriage rides. Sorry for the blurry pictures!

And pretty decorations all around!

It was a nice way to spend a Saturday night.

Until the next time!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Even More Random Catch Up

We picked up Shauna's wedding dress.

Here's a preview

Sorry, that's all you get until the wedding pictures! It is as beautiful as we knew it would be! The one she tried on in the store was cream colored but she ordered the dress in white.  It's VERY white and we were both afraid to touch it! It's also heavy!

This is a bread that someone I work with made to bring to the office Christmas party! So clever!

I took my dad to the Detroit Veterans Hospital for an appointment. This is the Wi-Fi page on my phone. Such a cool name they assigned their Wi-Fi!

He goes to the VA hospital strictly for his medications. He only has to go once a year and he gets them so much cheaper through there! That's is the least the government can do for him! He served in the Korean war and it wasn't voluntary.  He was drafted!

Until the next time!