Sunday, November 2, 2014

Random Stuff From Here and There

Bye bye's been a blast!

The weather is definitely fall-like now and some areas north of us have even had some snow, although we haven't seen any here yet. I'm totally not ready and praying that we don't have a repeat of last winter!

The cats can always find creative ways to stay warm though!

I saw this house on one of my walking routes. Apparently they can't bear to cut any flowers! Even if they do grow in the middle of the driveway!

And I saw this guy one time!

That was a nice surprise! This was literally a quarter mile from our house, in a small patch of woods that runs along a creek. In all my years of walking around here this was the first time I ever saw a deer! We both had a staring contest as I crept slowly closer. This was as close as I could get before she dashed into the woods!

This was a not so pleasant surprise I had recently! I hears a noise coming from the front of my car on my way home work one night and pulled into a parking lot to see what was going on..and this is what I saw! So I called Rich to be sure it was OK to drive it home like that. He said it was but to keep an eye on the tire pressure. Well, the bolt fell out while I was driving and I watched the pressure go down..down..down, so I pulled into another parking lot and ended up with this!

So I waited for Rich to come and change the tire for me! And by the time he got there it was pouring rain! He's my hero! LOL! I have no doubt I could probably change a tire myself and I do know how, but I don't know if I have the physical strength to get the spare on tight enough to drive on safely.

 We can't have tires flying off while we drive now, can we?

Finally, we booked a venue for the shower! It's is in a wonderful Italian restaurant called Antonio's Cucina Italiana! I've been to a shower there before and the food is really good and it's reasonably priced! We're excited! Less than 7 months to go before the wedding!

Until the next time!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Hart

We took a drive along the Tunnel of Trees, which is a pretty,  windy drive along the lake and it's literally a tunnel of trees. It was a nice drive but the colors aren't peaked so it was nothing special.

Anyway, along the tunnel of trees is a very small town called Good Hart. When I say small I mean the downtown consists of  a few small stores and an outhouse!

The post office is part of the general store.

This little cabin store is so cute but everything inside was ridiculously expensive. I saw a Petoskey stone Michigan shaped charm I wanted to get but at about $25 for a 1/2 inch charm I decided to pass!

In this store we met this little guy.

His name is Rocky and he belongs to the owner. He waits at the door and greets everyone who comes in, escorts them around a little bit and then goes back to wait at the door again! So cute!

Everyone was worried he was trying to get out, but the owner says he never goes out, just stands at the door!

All in all it was a nice trip and it was great to spend quality time with my oldest friend!

Currently I am waiting to meet Shauna and her future mother-in-law so we can check out a venue for the bridal shower in April! 

Until the next time....